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We are very Blessed to be with Wells Antique Tile and Pottery, the largest collection of historical tile and pottery known to date,dating back as far as 300- 400 years old.

Eric's Architectural Salvage is such an adventure and is the place for you!

                       Eric's is known for their working on multimillion dollar estates such as the Bella and Gigi Hadid estate in Belair built by father Mohamad Hadid also known as the LeBelvedere Castle.This estate was featured in both the Walll street journal and Forbes Magazine as one of the most expensive home built in America.The beautiful ballroom bar salvaged from Labeled was featured on the cover of Vanity Fairs Valentine issue with Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts and is now available for rentals and purchase.

                     Eric's inventory also exists of such  jobs as the Beyonce/ JayZ estate featured on the cover of Great Estates magazine, the famous Rupert Murdoch estate, the late poet Rod McKuen,the Gregory Peck estate along with his neighbor Mr Rod Stuart,Dean Martin estate,President Ronald Reagan estate,Charlie Chaplin,Marilyn  Monroe,James Cobern, and the famous Fisher estate in Detroit known for the car body "bodies by fisher".

                   Eric's specializes in styles of the eras such as the amazing 1920's Spanish Revival, Art Deco,Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts,Crafts Craftsman,and the 1950,s Mid Century.

Fabulous Doors,Windows,Interrior and Exterrior Lighting,Old Iron Gates,Early California tiles and poetry,Antique Hardware,Rare Over sized Chandeliers,Vintage and New Pedestal Sinks,Tubs,Toilets,and so so much more!!! Its really is an adventure just waiting to happen and with salvage anything is possible.

                Eric's has recently been named the "Salvage of Stars" They have salvaged several Hollywood famous homes and have brought Hollywood history to the table for reuse,Not to mention all of the STARS that have been spotted on several occasions shopping at Eric's!!!! Not only do they salvage famous homes but a large percentage of the product is rented out to the movie and film industry and can be seen in upcoming movies and commercials This place is ideal for YOU designers, set decorators, historic home preservation society , house flippers, contractors working on period and new homes, private personal home owners, artists, and just the common person who likes to be cool and reuse! This place is for YOU so come out and be a part of it!

This is amazing one of a kind rare hand picked salvage that was in a home that no longer exists! Every piece is hand selected and salvaged to be saved to live on and we encourage everyone to participate! Anyone can buy lights in an antique shop but to get one that no one else has and from a home in prime real estate that was torn down just yesterday..... well then you are helping to bridge the past so come and enjoy! Meanwhile to help with your salvage shopping needs please see our on line eBay store at: ericstiques2kmz


or you may email us at
Thank you!


            Eric's offers vintage tile removal and cleaning srvices,and design referral services .Eric's is a 100% reuse company dedicated to helping you bridge the past,and save architectural history one piece at a time!

                              Help to be part of sompthing GREAT!